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That's it. I'm now going back to develop my halted game projects. I currently have a dozen projects on paper, a few of them with some basic prototyping like images or a few lines of code, but three of them are actually already playable:

(For all three I did the code, graphics, sound, and music.)

Pagoda of Death

You control a female ninja in a retro 8-bit style gameplay. Still confused how I want the gameplay though. Victim of my own scope creep, It supposed to be a even simpler version of Shinobi for Master System but evolved way too much maybe. I want to step back and re-evaluate (Was even considering adding elements from Rygar, MegaMan, and Holy Diver). Stage 1 is fully done including boss fight.


Simple puzzle game that you control L shaped pieces formed by 3 blocks. Align 3 in any direction to clear them. It's like Columns meet some basic Tetris. I'm pretty sure that idea must be already done somewhere, but I could not find. The single player game already works with a few minor issues.

Tropical Rampage

The oldest but farthest from completion. Helicopter themed Shmup game I started as a Mega Drive game, then I converted to PC, then back to Mega Drive (with C using SGDK). Basic gameplay mechanics are missing like enemy patters and they firing back. My biggest issue with this one is the art, using pre-rendered 3D sprites.

I will probably get those first two into a working "early alpha" state and release into I will start doing some Devlogs here to document the progress.

Stay tuned!

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