Dillo could be a good alternative browser

First, I know that I can use a shellscript to upload Gemtext to smol.pub, but I wanted to try something different, so I have configure Dillo (a minimal browser) to accept cookies from smol.pub and now I can post without the need to use Waterfox or any other "big" browser. Yey!


When I say Dillo is minimal, it not like Min or Qutebrowser that are minimal in UI. It's REALLY minimal on the features like partial support to CSS, no JS, and cookies disabled by default and only configured by a very simple cookie configuration file. I love how fast and minimal it is! But I wish the project was still active, since looks like their Mercurial repository is down, the last entry in changelog is 18 months old, and last stable is from 2015!

I understand pages would render strangely due to the lack of some CSS support, but some of them have some strange empty divs (or lots of them, try searching something in startpage.com), probably some strange fallback to a unsupported HTML 5 tag or CSS. I would really use more Dillo if wasn't for these small issues. I think I will try NetSurf (that I know is almost a fully fledged browser), Links, and w3m.

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