My discoveries after one week of Gemini

I'm absolutely in love with Gemini! The markup and capsules may look simple at first but they can be very interactive and creative. Also, as a software engineer, I'm loving to learn more about the protocol and the server side of things.

I would like to thank the reception my first post with replies from ldapguy and rfmpie! It's really cool to see that there is such sense of community here. I'm also glad that I'm not the only one that was suffering with such thing!

Chuckling With A Liberated Geminist (by ldapguy)
Re: Gemini solved my analysis paralysis! (by rfmpie)

Since also offers a Gopher hole to the users, I've browsed thought some Gopher holes too. I knew the protocol for quite some time but I didn't realized that it still very active and with so much information available.

Cool discoveries

I think most of my discoveries are nothing new for the ones with more millage on Gemini, but I would like to share then anyway with my thoughts:

Konpeito - Lo-fi Mixtapes


I like lo-fi to use as a background music while I work or just chill browsing the Web or Gemini. This one is a perfect companion to browse Gemini, totally fits the mood!

Fun fact: I actually discovered Konpeito not though another capsule or search, but while browsing the IRC channels list on

Gemini Search Engine


This one is right on the Project Gemini page so should be no surprise. Still, I think it's really cool to have a tool like a search engine right in Gemini. This helps a lot discovering new capsules. At first I was impressed that a Gemini capsule could ask for a user prompt with such a simple protocol, but them I realized that Gopher had it year before too. But anyway, great capsule.



Wow. Now THAT'S a very interactive capsule. This introduced me to the concept of using a certificate as a login tool and this makes a lot of sense to me now. You basically just share the HASH of your certificate and you're done. In Astrobotany they will ask you for extra information but just like a username to have you better identified among the other users. They have even a nice setup page where you can set different options. Really nice example on how a capsule can be very interessting and "complex".

As for Astrobotany itself, is a cool game where you rise your plant. I was looking for something like this for a while (Even sketching up an idea for a CLI game where you rise your plant). There is also a sense of progress since you can harvest your plant and start a new one with higher multipliers for score.



A proxy to access Reddit via Gemini. Works very well and of course it's just able to viewing, but that's what I do the most in Reddit anyway.

Btw, proxies for web resources to Gemini are great. Allows you to access the already existing informatiion from the web but without the hassle.

(Gopher) GameFAQs Archive

=> gopher://

As a retrogamer I use GameFAQs to guide me throught those games that are cryptic as heck and I don't have any manual. Since the texts from the original site are already in TXT, the transition to Gopher is perfect. I would say that the Gopher hole is better than the original site since it's easier to find what you need there. It even have with a search feature.

Other cool Gemini stuff

Awesome Gemini

It self describes as a "collection of awesome things regarding the Gmeini protocol ecosystem". It is indeed a great place to discover more about the protocol and technical stuff. A great list of softwares like clients, servers, services, tools, bots, web proxies, etc.

Gemini Vim Syntax

A Vim syntax highlighter for GMI.


There still a lot to discover in Gemini and I'm very excited! As I'm writing this text, I'm setting up my own Gemini server for some tests. Probably I'll do something game related, let's see!