I made a Gemini app!

Since I started discovering Gemini I was thinking about making some kind of app to learn how I could do something interactive. So I got an account on a shared server and did some coding in Python (something that I still learning so it was good to pratice a little!). I did a simple app to take notes/add tasks because not only is simple but it's something that I think that fits perfectly the Gemini protocol, would help people, and also is something that I was looking for.

GemiNotes Beta! (Maybe it's more a PoC)

You login using a client certificate. The interface is just a button to add a new note/task, and two buttons for each task (one to delete it and another to set it done). On my roadmap for it is support for multiple client certificates per user, so you can access and edit your notes in diferent devices.

I'm thinking about tweaking the app so I would have only one delete and complete button, and when clicked you would insert the note ID. That will unclutter the interface. The code will be released soon in tildegit (I want to do some refactor first) and I'll update this entry with the url (and maybe add another post). The code is CGI done with Python, and sqlite. The server used is 'gemserv'.

Thanks to tomasino for the excelent video about Gemini input and app tutorial. Although I have started the app before watching the video, it was very useful to troubleshoot some Python/sqlite mistakes I was making! The Gemini Input video gives you a great introduction on how Gemini capsules can be interactive.

How to build a Gemini Application on tomasino Gemini capsule
Video "How to build a Gemini application" by tomasino on YouTube
Video "Gemini Input" by tomasino on YouTube


Since the app is hosted for now in a shared server and the notes are not encrypted in any way, I would not use it for any sensitive information or confidential data. :)

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