Motivation to learn something new in webdev

I work with .NET Webforms for almost 15 years and I never had the opportunity to professionally use another technology/paradigm like MVVM or even MVC. Never used .NET Core for real and I didn't had the motivation to use it outside work environment. Only JS library is jQuery, not even something like Angular or React. Not that I like JS libraries, in fact I hate them (nothing against vanilla JS though) but since is something that a lot of opportunities asks for, I need to be prepared. But people want you with professional experience on them, not just "Ok, I know it". And I don't have the spare time anymore to build something just for "fun" to use it.

When I was younger I was always trying to push the team I was to use the newest coolest things but so much happened that this energy fade away. I'm tired, exhausted, and demotivated, so it's hard to keep moving. To be honest, I'm hating webdev/fullstack dev.

All that said, I'll try to build some services using Blazor that looks more like something that I would like to work with. Let's see if the next post will be a rant or a tutorial about it!

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