My game on

I forgot to publish here that a few weeks ago I had published an alpha version of my ninja platform game Pagoda of Death on I had this project rolling since 2015 or 2016 but I was trying to make it perfect, so didn't shipped anything since. Now I said "screw it" and published it anyways:

There is even mechanics in the game that I still don't know how it will work (the magic/skill system) so the power orbs that you grab in the game are useless for now. And also I will probably review the weapon system too.

The problem I had is that the game was supposed to be waaaaay more simpler but a lot of ideas came and now I'm stuck. Famous "scope creep" but with just one person, lol. I think that I should go back to my original simple idea and then release other more complex versions. Let's see...

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